organizational consultant and
executive coach



Marcia's commitment to delivering quality service is evident to us. In her consulting role, she makes sure that she understands our needs and provides insightful guidance and advice. She is also an excellent facilitator in training sessions. We've received extremely positive feedback from attendees, indicating that in addition to being very knowledgeable, she has a remarkable ability to connect with participants well on both a personal and professional level.

Clara Wharton, Director of Human Resources, Clark Schaefer Hackett

Marcia has been an invaluable resource to the agency for over 6 years. She's been involved in helping us make the right hiring decisions as well as providing input as we select from our current associates to find those with the right set of talents, and move them into positions where they can be most successful. She's also been very supportive of me, as the CEO, as I work to compose teams of individuals to make sure that I have complementary and yet disparate skill sets that can be used to build effective teams. Marcia has been a very capable advisor to me as I make decisions regarding talent development with my more senior people. She has helped me assess their strengths and their development areas so I can better set them up for personal effectiveness and agency success.

Kathy Selker, CEO, Northlich, Cincinnati

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Marcia; her direction, interpretation, insight, and style are "right on". Her knowledge and experience in leadership coaching is impressive and comforting. If you are interested in taking an in-depth look at your skills, interests, and growth opportunities as a leader, I strongly recommend Marcia to guide you.

Cincinnati-area VP

Marcia Venus has provided consulting services for our organization, in a variety of capacities, since 2004. Her work for us has included executive coaching for leaders that are more senior and leadership coaching for identified emerging leaders, as well as conducting both individual and group assessments with such instruments as the Myers-Briggs, Strong Interest Inventory, and HR Chally motivations and work habits. She has helped individuals being coached to better communicate with their teams and has often met with teams to facilitate members’ understanding of each other’s strengths and growth areas. She has conducted numerous 360-degree assessments and helped participants move from awareness and acceptance of the issues to taking appropriate action. She has supported numbers of managers by providing a listening ear and feedback to help them handle employee situations more effectively. During these years, Marcia has come to know a number of our partners and Associates, as well as to have an in-depth knowledge of the culture and beliefs of our organization, which makes her a more valuable resource. We trust her and value her contributions.

Ed Blake, CEO, MV Commercial Group, Miller Valentine Group
Dave Liette, President, MV Residential Development, Miller Valentine Group

I recently found myself in a position having to look for a new job and needed some direction. I received so much more. I found a person who got invested in not only my job search but also got invested in me as a person. Marcia made sure I knew what I wanted for myself and guided me in the right direction. The goal was met and I secured employment but more importantly, I found a new friend that helped me look at myself and find the right fit for my future.

Senior Director, non-profit

I was standing at a fork in the road, clueless as to which direction to proceed. My career was at a standstill & my personal life was moving forward without me! Marcia was able to get me to dig deep and through her wonderful coaching skills, I was able to determine what direction to take. Her excitement for my success was exhilarating and led to a career change that has benefited me both professionally and personally. She showed me how to embrace transition vs. fighting it. I highly recommend Marcia!!

Senior support staff, large corporate organization

After more than a decade of loyalty, dedication and numerous supervisors, I'd been put in a peculiar spot. My new boss, it seemed, was not impressed with "my style". He appreciated the results I constantly produced for himself and the company, but he felt I was "too aggressive". Ironically, I thought he was too passive and lacked a sense of urgency.

Thankfully, my boss decided to invest some time and money into me to find out what I was really all about. He contacted Marcia and she and I began working together. We met face-to-face, on the phone and via email on a regular basis over the course of several months. At the end of the program, Marcia, my boss and I all sat down together to go over the results of Marcia's findings. Turns out he (my boss) wasn't right or wrong and neither was I. It seemed we both had different styles and just needed to understand each other better. During the process, he learned more about me and I learned more about myself.

Now I am able to know how to better work with people less anxious than I am -- people that don't have to clean out their in-box by close of business each day! I am also able to learn to be comfortable with leaving stuff in my in-box. I learned how to say more by saying less.

The experience was a bit humbling and embarrassing at first. But, once it was over and my boss praised the new me, I realized it was all worth it. I am very thankful that my boss invested in me. I am very thankful Marcia was as good as she is at what she does. Because of his willingness and her abilities, I am a better, happier, more confident employee and person. Thanks Marcia!

Regional Director, Texas-based

I had the pleasure of working with Marcia for a couple of years. In addition to my doing self assessments, Marcia met with my direct reports and solicited feedback that we incorporated into our coaching sessions. It was important for me to hear that my messages weren't always received in the manner I intended, and for a variety of reasons. Marcia was able to work with me on communication style, channeling negative energy into positive responses, and general management skills. During our coaching sessions, we discussed not only hypothetical situations but real life experiences and interactions I had, to break them down and identify the positive aspects and areas for improvement. My time with Marcia was invaluable on so many different levels.

Senior Director, Dayton & Cincinnati

As a professional engineer, I was by nature very skeptical of the value of time spent on professional coaching and development. After spending one-on-one time with Marcia, I have been overwhelmed with the positive outcome of our time together. I am no longer skeptical!

I have learned so much about myself and the people that I work with, through examination and techniques that Marcia has taught me. It's difficult to verbalize the value, but I can summarize our time together as outstanding and well worth the time.

Senior Project Manager

Marcia has proven to be a great asset to the University of Dayton for a number of years and specifically to our division since 2006. She has provided support not only for our senior administration, but also for our next generation of leadership. Her expertise and insight in areas such as conflict management and resolution, change management, and situational leadership has enabled our division to prosper and grow as a collaborative team. She has also worked on an individual basis with group members as a mentor to help challenge them to grow as leaders. She not only uses personal assessment tools such as HR Chally, the Life Styles Inventory, and Myers Briggs, she also shares personal experiences and challenges she has faced in her own career. Her open and honest rapport with our division is a testament to her character and we appreciate her dedication to our continued growth.

Sundar Kumarasamy, Vice President of Enrollment Management, University of Dayton

Since 2004, Marcia's support of the YMCA of Greater Dayton has included executive coaching, leadership development of mid level Y professionals, conflict resolution and teambuilding, and career transition. To do this for our organization, Marcia effectively employs a variety of assessments such as the Myers Briggs for individuals and groups, the Chally, and the Strong Interest Inventory. From day one, Marcia was dedicated to learning our organization's business, mission, culture, and our staff which has allowed her to effectively employ the right tools to achieve the desired results. Marcia's ability to reach her audience, whether she's working directly with an individual or with a group, is one of her strongest assets. As such, Marcia is the first Organizational Development consultant we think of when the need arises for outside support.

Jenny Warner, Vice President, Association Advancement, YMCA of Greater Dayton